Dienstag, 31. August 2010

Ex-3DR employee teasing great weekend!

Charlie Wiederhold who already left 3DR some years ago, is teasing via comments on Duke4.net forums:
"I'm gonna be in Taiwan this weekend and all next week so I won't be around to see the fate of this thread... but I hope everyone has a great weekend."
Mr. Fibble a Duke4.net user replied this:
"DNF at Gearbox and PAX confirmed."
Charlie extended his previous statement with the following comment in reply:
"I prefer to think of it like a grizzled old soldier wishing his fellow soldiers luck before watching them go off to a war where most of them aren't going to make it back in one piece. But the ones who do will be better for it."


He doesn't say we will see DNF at PAX directly, but he is hinting at it in the first quote! Maybe he is one of the insiders who know about the truth of the rumor.

Personally deep down inside I know we will see DNF! It's just feels right this time! =)

Samstag, 28. August 2010

Update #3 on DNF@PAX rumor

Things keep rolling and this time Randy Pitchford the president of Gearbox Software, so to say THE man himself, continues to tease via Twitter!
Heading to LA and SF before PAX to talk to people about the new Borderlands DLC - and a surprise! /me excited

Gearbox PAX panel almost 1 week away

It's getting hot!
Although there should be a healthy portion of realism, the chances for a DNF reveal at the Gearbox PAX panel next Sunday couldn't bet better. It's almost a 1463/77. ;)
Prepare yourself with cautious enthusiasm for Shock and Awesome!

Freitag, 27. August 2010

Update #2 on DNF@PAX rumor

From the official 2K blog:
I've already begun compiling requests for future blog entries that you guys sent me (thank you for that!) and am hoping to start rolling out some sweet new insider entries in the next couple weeks. I just have to get through PAX first... But more on that another day.

 One can speculate what 2K is presenting  at PAX. But Duke is almost a save bet. :)

Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

Latest update on DNF@PAX rumor

Adam Fletcher the PR guy from Gearbox who also wrote the PAX panel description is befriended with 3D Realms representives via Facebook.
Adam Fletcher profile at Gearbox

What I'm thinking...

There will be something about Duke at PAX.
Being cautiosly enthuastic doesn't hurt! If DNF is at PAX it will be a surprise no matter what! We really have no clue on how the game looks by now and especially how the gameplay looks like! It will blow everyone out of the water, may it be of its awesomeness or of the fact that we expected more after 14 years!

Massive days coming ahead and the internet will met....nothing will be the same again.


if you want to read about the newest titbits and inside information from all Duke related development this will be your place from now on. Stay tuned for the latest rumors, theories and facts surrounding Duke Nukem in general but also especially Duke Nukem Forever related stuff.
And forgive me for my lousy English! ;)