Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

Duke to be dubbed by German voice of Bruce Willis! WTF!


Wie erfahren hat, wird der Schauspieler Manfred Lehmmann - unter anderem die deutsche Stimme von Bruce Willis - den Duke synchronisieren.

The actor Manfred Lehmann - e.g. the German voice o Bruce Willis - will dub the Duke!

As much as I like Bruce Willis voice, for me only Jon St. John is capable of speaking the Duke!

Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

More First Access Club for your viewing pleasure!

DNF coming May 3th and trailer is a go!

Best day in the history of DNF!

IT BEGINS...DNF nuclear bomb incoming!!!

Ladies and gentlemen,

it is an honor to say that in a few hours hell will break loose! What it is we don't know yet...but it will have an impact that we can't imagine right now! But believe me it will shake the internet!

Epic Randy Pitchford tease:
I would check first thing in the morning. There might be something extremely interesting there.

George jumps on the hype train
@ tweets word that may have interesting news first thing in the morning. Hmmmm...

It all connects! Like said in an earlier newspost GBX markteting guys WERE in Minneapolis visiting Gameinformer magazine. And I would bet it is for a DNF cover story with all new info and media.

Also Mikey Neumann visited Gametrailers TV and G4TV probably to bring them a DNF trailer and get everything prepared for the release on their websites.

Today was insanity. Sold a webshow, dropped some dialog recording, went to G4 and Gametrailers back to back. Relaxing in the hotel now.

I will post a news about what was released in a few hours...:) But first I have classes. :( DAMN!

Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

DN3D: Reloaded in PC GAMER US February 2011 issue

If you are an US citizen you might be interestesd in purchasing the latest PC Gamer issue.

You can expect a full DN3D: Reloaded preview

Here is a tease for it being real:

Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

Is GBX trying to cover the tracks?!

I made this thread in the GBX forums:

Some birdy told us in the forums that there was a teaser for the upcoming trailer set up for release today. This teaser was also shown during the GBX/2K meetings some days ago. Apparently Randy stopped the release of the teaser to the internet with his Duke ain't a tease anymore attitude. Also there seem to be some works in the forum backgrounds that are kinda major.
Anyhow, even if the birdy didn't told the truth (which I think is not the case) we will see a video of DNF until February!
Lets see if I will be right. :)
And feel free to quote me. :)
You might wonder why the post the birdy posted is gone. It was deleted  by Joe Siegler (probably).

So either GBX is trying to cover the tracks or the birdy was just lying! The interesting fact is that my thread is still open (and it has become a damn funny one...just see the Randy P. pics).
My theory is that the birdy told us the truth and GBX doesn't want to get that info leaked to not spoil the surprise. They just let my thread open for a while to get us interested or just for the laughs. :P

Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

2K advertising DNF

Gamestop DNF promo sign incoming!!!

Something is cooking in LA and Minneapolis

Speculation time...

Something is cooking in Minnesota and LA.

GBX's  PR and Marketing guy Adam Fletcher said this via twitter:
It's 11 degrees still in Minneapolis. -2 Wind Chill. It's so cold that the hotel room heaters struggle to keep rooms above 65. Insane!
So Adam F. is definitely in Minneapolis right now!

Lets see who's next. It's GBX vice president Steve Gibson and here is what he had to say via twitter:
I am having some serious doubts right now about my judgement for agreeing to fly to Minnesota in f***in January
So Steve Gibson definitely is in Minnesota too. It would only make sense if he is in Minneapolis too.

So two high-profile GBX employee's flying to the same city around the same time (only a few hours space between their tweets)!

This leads to high-end speculation. I couldn't find any sort of gaming event, or convention taking place in Minneapolis in the near future. But according to a GBX forum member called PredatorFL nothing else than GAME INFORMER is located in Minneapolis! Could be a good guess! We will see if it was true. :)

Now on to the LA cooking...

GBX's Mikey Neumann is LA bound:
Plane to LA delayed. *grumble* Gonna get in extra late tonight, it would appear.

On a plane. Bored. Entertain me if you would be so kind. Who wants to play hangman? It's a movie. _ _ _ R _ A _ _

Marathon recording session with a very talented actor. Today, off to a good start. In other news: I need a nap.
 And guess who this talented actor could be. Jon St. John's studios are located in San Diego AND LA.
Well even if it's not Jon, LA is full of actors. Mikey Neumann is probably recording voice for DNF thats sure! :)

I smell something happening in the very near future! End of January/ early February here we come!

Montag, 17. Januar 2011

No indication of DNF in PC Gamer

The preview page for the February issue of PC Gamer doesn't mention Duke at all. But the article about DN3D: Reloaded probably wasn't as important enough to be put in the preview text. The cover story of the Feb. issue is Deus Ex: Human Revolution. As soon as I get hold of it I will post a small glimse of the DN3D: Reloaded article to advertise it a bit.

Jon St. John panel@Magfest 9

Watch the one hour Jon St. John panel at Magfest 9!

From minute 14th onwards Jon plays a new DNF one liner from his Ipad:
'Power-armor is for pussies and you're one ugly mothfucker'
Also he reveals the forename of the writer for the DNF one-liners. Her name is ?Christine?
Later Jon also sings the Balls of Steel song.
Most importantly right at the end of part 1 Jon asks the crowd to turn off the cameras because there was an interesting question asked which Jon answered with an confidential comment which was probably too hot to record.
Thanks to DoctorX from the GBX forums for providing the links!


the guy who the filmed the video replied this to me:

I will only say that the comment in question has NOTHING to do with Duke Nukem Forever.

One youtube comment says this:
for anyone who doesn't want to watch through the whole thing, he asked for camera's to turn off so he could say a line that was cut from the DNF script that was too "politically incorrect"

Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

DNF in PC Gamer Feb. Issue?!

There is a 50/50 chance of DNF being featured in the Feb. Issue of UK PC Gamer!

You decide if the Duke promo pic is pictured because of the #49. The Duke Nukem Forever Award for Being Duke Nukem Forever: Half-Life 2: Episode 3 
or it's part of the Feb. Issue preview! 

UPDATE: Frederik 'Fresch' Schreiber confirmed that there is indeed the Duke in the next PC Gamer issue, but DN3D: Reloaded. Either PC Gamer used the DNF promo pic to promote their Reloaded article in the next issue or there is both Reloaded and DNF.
Either way, we will get our DNF news in two weeks nonetheless. :)

Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

It Begins...

Not only 2K Elizabeth is at GBX right now working on some big stuff but even Joe Siegler was ordered for a meeting to GBX today!
I also asked Elizabeth via twitter if she has some hints for me and she replied: 
i can tell you one thing for certain: it 0wns.

Prepare for TOTAL OWNAGE in early February the latest! I expect some hints being leaked before though!
This truly is history in the making!

Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

Swag and News@Magfest

Our beloved Jon St. John has promised DNF swag and news for the upcoming Magfest starting this thursday!

Ready to party your a** off at MAGfest? I can't wait. Got some cool DNF swag and news to share. See you in Alexandria on Thursday!


Swag and news, Swag and news oh we love our swag and news!

Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

More DNF info in Late January / Early February

According to Kaisersoze who got the latest issue of EGM there is a new Randy P. interview in it! The best part is that Randy promises more DNF info for Late January / Early February!

Here is the link to the news, and there is also a forum discussion about the topic linked in the article.

I smell the trailer with a release date coming! Also Kaisersoze is on to something! January 29 is a Saturday aka weekend, Monday is January 31. I bet they will either have one guy spending some time on his weekend at GBX HQ preparing the trailer for all major gaming websites and Youtube to release, or wait until Monday/Tuesday aka 31/1 when the boys are back at GBX HQ!

Can't wait for end of January!

Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Jon St. John aka Duke Nukem to be at MagFest again!

Jon St. John will be at MagFest 9 from January 13-16!!!
Remember that he told us to read between the lines at the last MagFest last January! With DNF being revealed now stay tuned for hopefully some meatier info and ?media? :)

Check out this MagFest Duke Nukem promo video!
And Jon's twitter too!