Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

Is GBX trying to cover the tracks?!

I made this thread in the GBX forums:

Some birdy told us in the forums that there was a teaser for the upcoming trailer set up for release today. This teaser was also shown during the GBX/2K meetings some days ago. Apparently Randy stopped the release of the teaser to the internet with his Duke ain't a tease anymore attitude. Also there seem to be some works in the forum backgrounds that are kinda major.
Anyhow, even if the birdy didn't told the truth (which I think is not the case) we will see a video of DNF until February!
Lets see if I will be right. :)
And feel free to quote me. :)
You might wonder why the post the birdy posted is gone. It was deleted  by Joe Siegler (probably).

So either GBX is trying to cover the tracks or the birdy was just lying! The interesting fact is that my thread is still open (and it has become a damn funny one...just see the Randy P. pics).
My theory is that the birdy told us the truth and GBX doesn't want to get that info leaked to not spoil the surprise. They just let my thread open for a while to get us interested or just for the laughs. :P

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