Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

IT BEGINS...DNF nuclear bomb incoming!!!

Ladies and gentlemen,

it is an honor to say that in a few hours hell will break loose! What it is we don't know yet...but it will have an impact that we can't imagine right now! But believe me it will shake the internet!

Epic Randy Pitchford tease:
I would check first thing in the morning. There might be something extremely interesting there.

George jumps on the hype train
@ tweets word that may have interesting news first thing in the morning. Hmmmm...

It all connects! Like said in an earlier newspost GBX markteting guys WERE in Minneapolis visiting Gameinformer magazine. And I would bet it is for a DNF cover story with all new info and media.

Also Mikey Neumann visited Gametrailers TV and G4TV probably to bring them a DNF trailer and get everything prepared for the release on their websites.

Today was insanity. Sold a webshow, dropped some dialog recording, went to G4 and Gametrailers back to back. Relaxing in the hotel now.

I will post a news about what was released in a few hours...:) But first I have classes. :( DAMN!

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  1. now i am missing the best are late !

    06 th may 2011 !!!!!!!!!