Montag, 17. Januar 2011

Jon St. John panel@Magfest 9

Watch the one hour Jon St. John panel at Magfest 9!

From minute 14th onwards Jon plays a new DNF one liner from his Ipad:
'Power-armor is for pussies and you're one ugly mothfucker'
Also he reveals the forename of the writer for the DNF one-liners. Her name is ?Christine?
Later Jon also sings the Balls of Steel song.
Most importantly right at the end of part 1 Jon asks the crowd to turn off the cameras because there was an interesting question asked which Jon answered with an confidential comment which was probably too hot to record.
Thanks to DoctorX from the GBX forums for providing the links!


the guy who the filmed the video replied this to me:

I will only say that the comment in question has NOTHING to do with Duke Nukem Forever.

One youtube comment says this:
for anyone who doesn't want to watch through the whole thing, he asked for camera's to turn off so he could say a line that was cut from the DNF script that was too "politically incorrect"

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