Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Something is cooking in LA and Minneapolis

Speculation time...

Something is cooking in Minnesota and LA.

GBX's  PR and Marketing guy Adam Fletcher said this via twitter:
It's 11 degrees still in Minneapolis. -2 Wind Chill. It's so cold that the hotel room heaters struggle to keep rooms above 65. Insane!
So Adam F. is definitely in Minneapolis right now!

Lets see who's next. It's GBX vice president Steve Gibson and here is what he had to say via twitter:
I am having some serious doubts right now about my judgement for agreeing to fly to Minnesota in f***in January
So Steve Gibson definitely is in Minnesota too. It would only make sense if he is in Minneapolis too.

So two high-profile GBX employee's flying to the same city around the same time (only a few hours space between their tweets)!

This leads to high-end speculation. I couldn't find any sort of gaming event, or convention taking place in Minneapolis in the near future. But according to a GBX forum member called PredatorFL nothing else than GAME INFORMER is located in Minneapolis! Could be a good guess! We will see if it was true. :)

Now on to the LA cooking...

GBX's Mikey Neumann is LA bound:
Plane to LA delayed. *grumble* Gonna get in extra late tonight, it would appear.

On a plane. Bored. Entertain me if you would be so kind. Who wants to play hangman? It's a movie. _ _ _ R _ A _ _

Marathon recording session with a very talented actor. Today, off to a good start. In other news: I need a nap.
 And guess who this talented actor could be. Jon St. John's studios are located in San Diego AND LA.
Well even if it's not Jon, LA is full of actors. Mikey Neumann is probably recording voice for DNF thats sure! :)

I smell something happening in the very near future! End of January/ early February here we come!

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