Dienstag, 31. August 2010

Ex-3DR employee teasing great weekend!

Charlie Wiederhold who already left 3DR some years ago, is teasing via comments on Duke4.net forums:
"I'm gonna be in Taiwan this weekend and all next week so I won't be around to see the fate of this thread... but I hope everyone has a great weekend."
Mr. Fibble a Duke4.net user replied this:
"DNF at Gearbox and PAX confirmed."
Charlie extended his previous statement with the following comment in reply:
"I prefer to think of it like a grizzled old soldier wishing his fellow soldiers luck before watching them go off to a war where most of them aren't going to make it back in one piece. But the ones who do will be better for it."


He doesn't say we will see DNF at PAX directly, but he is hinting at it in the first quote! Maybe he is one of the insiders who know about the truth of the rumor.

Personally deep down inside I know we will see DNF! It's just feels right this time! =)

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