Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

Shacknews employee kinda confirms DNF developed by Gearbox!

Xav de Matos working for Shacknews kinda confirmed that DNF is indeed developed by Gearbox right now!
He teased us with this question over at formspring :
what do you think of Duke Nukem...will Duke Nukem Forever come out any time soon?
Some hours later he answered his own question:
Hold up, let me call Randy Pitchford real quick...

Consider that Randy P. and Mikey Neumann both are on a advertising tour for their upcoming Borderlands DLC, but also for a surprise as Randy has indicated via twitter :
Heading to LA and SF before PAX to talk to people about the new Borderlands DLC - and a surprise! /me excited
So it's likely that de Matos knows about the rumor and about it's truth. Why should he tease us with something like that 4 days before the Gearbox Panel at PAX?! ;)

Prepare for a bombshell! :)

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