Montag, 8. November 2010

GBX "only" paid 20 million for the DN franchise?!

In this interview Randy says the following:
I'll tell you what, imagine you had $20 million, and you could use that to invest in any brand or any concept in the entire industry. Whether it's an existing brand or even something you even helped come up with. Imagine if you had that. I think that a lot of us who work in the industry might decide that Duke Nukem Forever is on the very risky end of the entire spectrum. So yes, of course those thoughts crossed the mind. But also, when you're in that moment, talking about that analogy, if you let that thought deter you from doing what you know is the right thing and also what you know your heart is telling you to do, you'll probably regret that for the rest of your life. And I don't live my life with any regrets, and the reason is because of the decisions I make. 

It's not 100% sure that GBX really paid 20 million for the DN franchise but Randy is very much indicating it. If so 3D Realms basically got the amount of money back they invested in the last 13 years. To be more precise, it was stated in the past that George Broussard himself has invested about 20-30 million into the project.
If this story is true George Broussard actually didn't earn anything! George and Randy are friends so I would call that a deal between friends!
Personally I would say 20 million for the DNF franchise is not enough, though I'm aware of the fact that DN didn't had a good selling game in years. But I do bet on a DN franchise value that will be at least the double amount when DNF has shipped!


  1. Randys great for accidently giving us information!

  2. maybe 3drealms gets some share of the royalties , but i can agree on a project so risky , it was probably only what 3DR invested into the game is that gearbox paid for it and nothing more, fair deal to me , atleast 3drealms can do quite something with 20 million now.