Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

The German release date Connection has taken the Feb. 1 release date down. So now DNF hasn't got any release date there!

But interestingly the German website lists DNF with an April 15 release date!
According to my older news post about the leaked Gamestop release list DNF is listed for an April 15 release date.
I bet very soon will list DNF for the April 15 too!
So the leaked release list is a valid Gamestop list! The only question is if the list itself isn't made up by Gamestop with space holder release dates.

Please write your thoughts in the comment section!


According to a source that works for Gamestop the April 15 sounds real to him. This is what he had to say:
Actually, Gamestop doesn't list any specific release date until they get the official go-ahead from their suppliers. Therefore their TBA release dates are (confusingly) usually the last or first date of a month. So specific ones like this April 15th is sounding good to me.

Obviously, anything is subject to change but I'm liking the sound of this. Means it's going to be released on a Friday here in Europe.
(I'll check my networks at work tomorrow to see if there's any change in the release dates but I doubt it)



The list seems to be fake! Follow the discussion in where we came to this conclusion in here:


  1. What are you waiting for... X-mas?

  2. Ganestop uses placeholders until the real release date comes in a news release with official notice to all vendors - there are no secret Gamestop insiders