Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010

History of the promises on more info

On November 1 I posted this video on the GBX forums where Randy says:
GBX will announce VERY SOON a more specific release date!!! Randy doesn't know how soon but it won't be long!
This video was captured around  October, so aprox. 2 months have past by now without any news.

On November 17 Chris F. a new GBX community manager posted the "Vote Duke! Spike Opens Most Anticipated Game Submissions" thread.One day later he replied in the same thread to the criticism about the lack of hype and media for the game:
Rest assured, Duke Nukem Forever is quite real. The game is progressing on schedule. We let thousands play it at PAX 2010. All the guys and gals involved can't wait to show more of it, and that time is fast approaching. I know it's been a tough wait, but there is a plan, things are in the works, and the second I can say more about when those things are coming, you'll be the first to know. I realize you don't know me all that well quite yet, but I think you'll be happy soon. Heck, that's part of why I was brought on here at Gearbox in the first place!

Then on Nov 24 Adam F. the Webmaster and PR guy at GBX replied to the cover art thread with:
"Soon. Soon..."

And the latest promise comes from 2K Elizabeth who had this to say:
But seriously, it's coming. I promise. I'm actually talking to Gearbox RIGHT NOW on my other monitor. It's good stuff.!&p=1291229#post1291229

It just has to be the Video Game Awards on Dec 11, this or Christmas!


  1. I agree! The VGAs is a very high profile forum! I think it would be a missed opportunity not to reveal something big there!

    Perhaps even a release date?

  2. Hi Infernal Mr. Adams feel free to join my blog as a reader. :)

    And yes not showing anything at the VGA's would be just stupid from a marketing point of view!

    Also Randy said they will show off multiplayer at an upcoming event, though I'm not sure if the VGA's are the right platform to present the multiplayer.

  3. I'am a bit dissapointed because before i had a interview with Gibson he said that more information would come at the end of november...

  4. This is the info that came at the end of the november: "soon soon"